China And Iran Trying To Take Down US Power Grid, Reports Say

power grid china iran

By Tara Dodrill Off The Grid News

China may be waging an invisible war on the United States power grid.

A previous news report about cyber warfare threats on the grid appears to coin with a more recent order for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war. Chinese president Xi Jinping spewed 7,500-plus words of “militaristic rhetoric” to state media pertaining to preparedness efforts by the largest army in the world.

Meanwhile, the US power grid has reportedly been under a constant state of attack by English-speaking Chinese computer experts nestled in a rather unimposing building in Shanghai, ABC News reported last year. The alleged cyber attacks by the computer hackers pose as significant a threat to America as the two million soldiers in Chinese army ever could, if the cyber warfare studies by the Mandiant security firm are accurate.

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