15 things you MUST do to survive 2016 and beyond


By Mike Adams – Natural News

(NaturalNews) 2016 is already shaping up to be a tumultuous year across the globe. Saudi Arabia is on the verge of revolution, ISIS terrorists now occupy Europe, and the United States seems headed for extreme political strife and rising resistance against a tyrannical federal government.

Even as you read this, armed citizens have taken over a federal building in Oregon to protest the government’s insane charge of “terrorism” for an Oregon ranch family that accidentally allowed a controlled burn fire to spread into a few acres of federal land. (They’re facing five years in prison for doing what nearly every rancher does everywhere across the country with “controlled burns.”)

As all this is happening, the stock market bubble remains on the verge of imploding, cultural strife under Obama has put the American people at each other’s throats, and health insurance costs are skyrocketing across the country, forcing yet more employers to slash hours, cut jobs and replace American workers with a flood of cheap foreign workers who were just welcomed into the country by the GOP’s passage of the omnibus spending bill.

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