Do You Know How To Use Snow For Insulation?

Snow insulation

By  – SurvivoPedia

It’s that time of year again – snow season. If you live in a nice, new home you may already have decent insulation that keeps your heat in and your heating bill as low as possible.

But if you don’t, you’re probably dreading those drafts. You probably try to block the drafts, or maybe you even block off entire rooms trying to keep the house warm, but how about using snow for insulation?

If you’re an avid reader of Consumer Reports, the bad news is that heating costs will sky-rocket this winter. Yes, you heard that right. Again.

In the scary side of the news, scientists now believe that we’re going to enter a mini-Ice Age, a few years ahead, due to Sun’s slowing activity. Indeed, goodbye Global Warming, hello Ice Age.

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