Why Most ‘Prepping Strategies’ Are Doomed

Why Most 'Prepping Strategies' Are Doomed

By Kathy Bernier Off The Grid News

There are people in the world preparing for every kind of disaster.  Possible doomsday scenarios include economic collapse, biblical Armageddon, cyberattack, polar shift, enemy invasion, irreversible climate change, and electromagnetic pulse — just to name a few.

To some, it doesn’t matter how the end arrives. Others believe that the details do matter, because goods and skills that are important to carry a household through one potential disaster could be meaningless in another.

No matter which camp you are in, consider this: None of those catastrophic events are as likely to happen as smaller ones are. And the ultimate truth is that preparation for those smaller events is what will save lives and property.

Just as car accidents are most apt to happen close to home, so too are other mishaps. Prudence suggests that people should be ready at home first, and the best way to do so is prevention.

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