The 10 Very First Foods You Should Stockpile

The 10 Very First Foods You Should Stockpile

Image source: flickr

By Rich M Off The grid News

Those of us who have been storing food for a while probably have a pretty good assortment of food in our stockpile. We may have started out with just a few basics, but over time, we’ve been adding to it. In some cases, our survival pantry has reached the point where we’ll probably eat better in an emergency than we do on a day-to-day basis.

But none of us started out that way. Whether we started out by buying a few bags of rice and beans or some prepackaged survival foods, our budding stockpile really didn’t have all that much selection. It was about survival, not about taste.

The thing is, those first foods we stockpiled were probably the most important foods that we have. Why? Because they are the ones that will keep us going when we run out of everything else. Yes, it’s nice to have foods you enjoy in your stockpile and I wouldn’t try to dissuade you from that. But more than anything, you need foods that will give you the nutrients you need when there aren’t any other food sources available.

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