Massive Tainted Food Scandal Strikes Taiwan As Manufacturer Poisons Entire Population For Profit

Tainted food

By L.J. Devon – Natural News

(NaturalNews) A food scare is unraveling in Taiwan, as the country’s Ministry of Health and Welfare uncovers a string of tainted food products. A group of protestors in Taiwan are boycotting a local food group that has been selling mislabeled food products containing oils intended for animal feed. “The reason why we are boycotting their products is so that these heartless traders will be taught a lesson. They’ll know they shouldn’t have done such a thing, which could badly affect people.”

Cheng I Food mislabeled animal feed oils to sell as lard, safe for human consumption

The food group in question, Cheng I Food, has tried to conceal the animal feed oils under a different label, dispersing them in variety of food products. The oils are being sold as if they are lard, safe for human consumption, but the oils are really recycled from restaurant waste and animal byproducts and then mixed in with lard to make the fabulous Chuan Tung cooking oil.

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