Volcanoes Today, 3 Feb 2016: Karymsky Volcano, Barren Island, Turrialba, Copahue

Ash plume from Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano yesterday

Karymsky (Kamchatka): Several ash plumes reaching estimated 13-16,000 ft (4-5 km) altitude have been reported by Tokyo VAAC during the past days, suggesting that the volcano’s intermittent explosions are currently more frequent and relatively intense.

Turrialba (Costa Rica): Weak, passive ash venting occurred yesterday at the western pit crater, showing that volcanic unrest continues.

Copahue (Chile/Argentina): During the past weeks, the El Agrio crater has continued to emit weak, but near-continuous emissions of fine gray ash. Incandescence remains visible at night.
According to SERNAGEOMIN, this current activity, mainly phreatic, is caused by interaction of a small body of new magma interacting with the hydrothermal system at shallow depth.
Seismic activity, although above background, is relatively low as are other monitored parameters (e.g. deformation, SO2 output etc). No larger eruption is expected for the near future.

Barren Island (Indian Ocean): Minor eruptive activity (possibly strombolian) seems to continue on the remote island, at least intermittently.
Yesterday and the day before, a weak steam and possibly ash plume was visible on satellite imagery as well as a thermal hot spot.

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