Toxic Mercury Fog Pouring Into San Francisco

San Francisco

By Evelyn Pring – Natural News

(NaturalNews) The fog along the coast of California is depositing a neurotoxin called monomethyl mercury in San Franciso — at a concentration about 20 times that of rain — thought to come from burning coal and other fossil fuels, according to

“Understanding the mechanism — a process that reaches into the ocean, pulls out a neurotoxin, then shuttles it ashore in fog — is very important,” said Kenneth Coale of the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. “This is a completely new pathway.”

“We’re seeing that there’s mercury along the coast at every level in the plants, in the herbivores, in the carnivores,” Peter Weiss-Penzias, an atmospheric chemist at UC Santa Cruz, told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Continue reading at Natural News: Toxic mercury fog pouring into San Francisco

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