Volcanoes Today, 9 Feb 2016: Bromo Volcano

Ash-rich strombolian eruption at Bromo yesterday

Bromo (East Java, Indonesia): The eruption continues in the form of intermittent small to moderate strombolian-type explosions and minutes-long phases of more or less vigorous ash venting alternating with strong degassing. Only few incandescent ejecta are being seen at night, but ash emissions are comparably intense and aviation color code of the volcano remains at orange.
Our friend Øystein Lund Andersen visited the volcano yesterday and reported:
Heavy degassing was observed during arrival in the afternoon, accompanied by a irregular but periodically heavy rumbling sound. … After these periods of calm, larger degassing plumes tend to appear, accompanied by large rumbling sounds and in one case an eruption at 14:14. The eruption was accompanied by a shock wave, and seconds after an ash plume appeared that reached around 800m in height. Sounds of falling rocks or blocks was heard seconds after the appearance of the eruption plume. The ash content decreased within 30min after the eruption.

Continue reading at Volcano Discovery: Volcanoes Today, 9 Feb 2016: Bromo Volcano

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