Volcanoes Today, 17 Feb 2016: Telica Volcano, Masaya, Cerro Negro, Momotombo

Eruption of Telica last Saturday (INETER)

Telica (Nicaragua): Nicaragua’s volcanoes remain in a particularly active state. A series of approx. 12 small explosions occurred at Telica volcano on Saturday morning, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies INETER reported. Ash columns from the eruptions rose from 300 to 1000 meters above the crater.

Masaya (Nicaragua): The lava lake inside the volcano’s main crater (Santiago crater) not only remains active, but its activity has been gradually increasing during the past week or so.
A few days ago, between 9-10 Feb INETER had recorded a seismic crisis including 10 significant shallow earthquakes with magnitudes between 2 and 4.1, many of them felt in nearby areas, the strongest ones even in several tens of km distance. It is thought that these quakes were the result of a new injection of magma into the volcano’s shallow plumbing system underneath the Masaya caldera.
Following the seismic events, elevated SO2 emissions were measured as well, reaching levels of 1500 tons / day. This observation, along with the visual impression of increased activity, is also consistent with the interpretation of new magma arriving in the volcano’s conduits.
The following video shows the lava lake on 7 Feb:

Cerro Negro (Nicaragua): An unusual number of earthquakes have been noted near the volcano recently, prompting authorities to warn tourists and locals not to climb the volcano, local press reports.
Whether the earthquakes are precursors of a possible new eruption is uncertain, but Cerro Negro is one of the country’s most active volcanoes with at least 23 recorded historical eruptions, last in 1992, 1995 and 1999. Cerro Negro’s eruptions are often violent with tall lava fountains and tall ash plumes, and often preceded by earthquakes.

Momotombo (Nicaragua): Another moderately strong explosion occurred from the summit crater yesterday 13:08 local time, ejecting an ash plume that rose approx. 1000 m and many incandescent bombs that ignited bush fires on the upper flank of the volcano.
Bright glow at the crater at night suggests that new magma has present there.

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