The Sad Untimely Death Of Chief Justice Scalia

Chief Justice Scalia

By  – SurvivoPedia

The death of Chief Justice Scalia on February the 13th marks the end of an era in American law. For the last 30 years, Scalia has been the main conservative bulwark, protecting the original meaning of the Constitution as ferociously as a mother bear protecting her young. Scalia’s opinions and dissents will be studied by lawyers and trial judges for decades to come.

But his death has left the country in a quandary, surrounded by controversy. As can be expected, cries of “conspiracy” and “foul play” have been raised by his death. This is not without reason, considering that found dead, lying on top of an unmussed bed, with a pillow over his head. Adding fuel to the fire, the judge who pronounced him dead was a Democrat, who decided an autopsy was not necessary.

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