Assets That Will Matter After The End Of The World As We Know It


By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Are you preparing for TEOTWAWKI? If you are, then you likely have a much different view of the assets that will be important – those that will matter most – compared to today.

For the majority of people living in today’s modern world, in their minds the tangible things that ‘matter’ in life might include their iPhone, their social media Apps, their credit card, the new car, fashionable clothes, the McMansion, their 401K, a bigger flat-screen TV, the latest gaming platform, etc.. you get the idea… the ‘stuff’ that modern-day programming begs you to get.

With that said, those ‘things’ may be mostly worthless during TEOTWAWKI, while other (very different?) assets will become the one’s that matter most…

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2 thoughts on “Assets That Will Matter After The End Of The World As We Know It

  1. It’s one of those lists that never ends thus a bit pointless as even money will have it’s place. Until it doesn’t. Consider guns. Useful until there is no more ammunition.

    Ultimately its not what you’ve got but the way that you use it that matters so to me the asset that over shadows all others is your smarts, your brains, knowledge, and skillbase.

    With those you can work round problems, you can ‘sell’ your skills for what you need, and with the right skills (for example medical or engineering), you’ll be in great demand and will probably be able to ‘write your own pay check” so to speak.


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