Volcanoes Today, 16 Mar 2016: Colima Volcano, Telica, Akita-Komaga-take, Nyiragongo

Source: Volcano Discovery

Akita-Komaga-take (Honshu): Elevated seismic activity has been detected by Japanese volcanologists.
No other parameters (visual fumarolic activity, deformation etc) seem to be above background levels and no particular alert was raised.

Colima (Western Mexico): Mild explosive activity continues from the volcano. Mostly small explosions occur at irregular intervals of typically several hours from the summit vent where a small new lava dome is present and probably growing slowly.
An aerial photograph from 29 February shows the dome with a diameter of approx. 40-50 meters.

Telica (Nicaragua): After a period of several days of calm, lava glow has again become visible over night from the crater; during the day, increased degassing can be noted.
Likely, the new fissure that formed on 2 March, has again become active and erupted a small (if not tiny) amount of lava into the crater.

Nyiragongo (DRCongo): The new vent inside the crater of Nyiragongo remains very active, producing pulsating lava fountains of approx. 30 m height at intervals of 30 seconds, according to the observatory. Well-alimented lava flows leave from the vent.
A recent photo (from a visit last week by João Cunha Monteiro) shows that these have now reached the rims of the central lake and started to cascade into it. A great show!

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