Volcanoes Today, 22 Mar 2016: Dukono Volcano, Nyiragongo

Source: Volcano Discovery

Dukono (Halmahera): The activity at the volcano remains intense. Our friend Patrick Marcel who visited the volcano last week reported that the vents at the bottom of the crater emitted a sustained, extremely noisy jet of gas, steam and ash, and ejected incandescent bombs to up to 500 m height. Some of them landed outside the crater rim.
Ash plumes drifting from the volcano in various directions for tens of kilometers have been being spotted on satellite imagery by Darwin VAAC almost daily.

Nyiragongo (DRCongo): Goma Volcano Observatory published the results of recent field work on the crater of Nyiragongo during 10-11 March in a new report: in summary, it seems that the current intense activity from the two vents inside the inner crater is confined to this area, and no magma has migrated laterally.
In other words, the risk of a flank eruption in the near future should be relatively low for the time being. The report expressively mentions that inhabitants of the surrounding villages should not be worried too much about the new activity inside the crater, at least unless something changes significantly.

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