Volcanoes Today, 4 Apr 2016: Masaya volcano, Etna, Nyiragongo

Source: Volcano Discovery

Etna (Sicily, Italy): Activity remains low at the volcano. Only weak, intermittent ash emissions with decreasing tendency continue to occur from the NE crater. However, they carry no signs that could indicate fresh lava, and likely consist of older fragmented rock material only.
Surface temperatures and seismic activity are low.

Masaya (Nicaragua): The activity of the volcano’s new lava lake remains very intense. Erosion by the violently degassing (“boiling”) lava continues to gradually widen the walls of the pit crater containing the lake.
The following video (taken at the end of March) gives a good impression:

Nyiragongo (DRCongo): A recent visit to the volcano showed no more (or at least no more significant) activity from the side vent on the lower terrace. The recent lava flows that had surrounded the lips of the inner crater and partially spilled into the central lava lake were seen cooling.
Source: Clint Johnston (Instagram)

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