Dramatic Dollar Reset Is Afoot – Right Now


By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Could there be a dramatic and overnight reduction in the value of the dollar? “I think this is coming in very short order now. The trail of bread crumbs is indicating this is what is afoot RIGHT NOW.” (macroeconomic researcher Rob Kirby)

I have been following recent events this week of the emergency Federal Reserve meetings, the admission by Deutsche Bank of precious metals price rigging, China’s new ‘Interbank Payment System’ (CIPS), and the new gold trading market at the Shanghai Gold Exchange. This, coupled with China’s enormous accumulation of gold over these past years has triggered my notion to post and alert you of what may be coming our way – and potentially very soon…

A flooding of dollars back to the U.S. resulting in a rapid devaluation of its purchasing power (currency inflation).

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