The Mainstream Mass Media versus Alternative News


By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

It is well established that most Americans do not trust the mainstream (mass) media (supported by Gallup polls and others – look it up…). It’s no wonder since most recognize that they are all owned and controlled by the same handful of corporations who are themselves integrated into the establishment as controllers and persuaders of our perceived realities…

For those who even have time to watch or read some of the so called mainstream ‘news’, the fact is that what they’re presented with becomes what they ‘think’ is important. The very carefully orchestrated ‘news’ is presented to ‘adjust’ our reality of the issues which are deemed ‘important’, and they are often repeated as such until the message is driven home (7 times and it becomes ‘truth’?).

It is blatantly obvious to most Americans that the mainstream news media has an agenda which is very much bent to the left. They regularly attack (sometimes egregiously while often with clever subtlety) many values of the independent-minded, conservative, or ‘right’. There’s not even any argument about this fact.

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