It’s Almost On? UK Just Intercepted 3 Russian Jets Headed to the Baltics


Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

The British Defense ministry has announced that it intercepted three Russian jets en route to the Baltic States.

The fighters were unresponsive at the time.

The incident happened just as NATO is planning its biggest presence in the region since the Cold War and just a month after two Russian Su-24 aircraft reportedly made “aggressive maneuvers” near US Navy ships in the Baltic Sea.

At the time Josh Krause reported:

It’s not done with the intent of causing any real damage. It’s just a friendly reminder that they exist as a formidable foe, or it’s done to see if we’re still guarding our airspace. In times of peace it doesn’t garner much media attention, but when there are tensions between the US and Russia, you’ll find plenty of stories about these incidents.

The Baltics have been asking for a permanent NATO presence in the region, and now it looks as though this situation may just give justification for granting such a request.

Things are escalating quickly, though it remains to be seen if the Cold War will actually go hot.



Delivered by The Daily Sheeple: It’s Almost On? UK Just Intercepted 3 Russian Jets Headed to the Baltics



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