Crowds Boo DNC Officials, As Party Revolts Against Hillary: “They’re Angry, They’re Upset”


By Mac Slavo –

The DNC Convention is already ten times more interesting than Trump’s RNC convention last week, which went more or less smoothly.

A Wikileaks dump on Friday officially exposed a mountain of corruption and scandal inside the Democratic party as documents show its chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other party insiders worked feverishly to ensure that Hillary would be the nominee and that all other rivals, including Bernie Sanders, would be suppressed.

Now Schultz has been forced to step down and the Democratic party is having a hard time holding together the appearance of normalcy as crowds everywhere are booing and jeering.

Not only was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, herself a Congresswoman in Florida facing re-election, booed off stage, but security had to escort her out.

As U.S. News & World Report wrote:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the embattled outgoing chair of the Democratic National Committee, was forcibly driven out of her own state delegation’s breakfast Monday amid vocal and unwieldy protests by Bernie Sanders’ supporters. [Schultz] attempted to talk over a chorus of heckles and boos at a downtown hotel hosting the Florida Democratic Party.

But the Florida congresswoman, who faces a newly emboldened primary challenge in her home state, could barely be heard over the ruckus.


Police officers stood before the stage with their hands extended, acting as human shields between a chairwoman and her party… The officers swiftly surrounded her and whisked her out a side door of the ballroom as a crush of protesters and media swarmed.

Furthermore, a crowd likely filled with Bernie supporters heavily booed Sen. Sanders after he urged them to vote for Hillary in the name of stopping Trump.

It is clear that many of these people WILL NOT be simply shifted over onto the rolls for Hillary.

It seems the revolution is ready to topple over Bernie who bent under pressure and endorsed the very opponent who worked those both inside and outside of the party to make sure their primary rivalry was never a fair fight. Apparently, their anti-establishment momentum is not as easily bought off as their former leader was.

There are reports that many of these supporters are planning an open revolt against Hillary and her selected running mate Tim Kaine. And they have every reason to turn on the DNC and the ultra-establishment nominee-to-be.

As The Atlantic reported:

Presidential nominating conventions are intended to be carefully stage-managed shows of party unity, but Democrats so far seem to be in turmoil.

Now, Bernie delegates are actively discussing the possibility of revolt. On Monday morning, Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network told reporters “the exact configurations of the protests are unclear, but it’s evident that a substantial majority of the polled survey delegates … want to participate in protests on the floor.” His group is talking to Sanders delegates to see what they want to do at the convention.

“A Bernie delegate is a person who was elected by the people that support Bernie’s values. We’re here representing them. … People that are at home, they’re booing, they’re angry, they’re upset. They don’t want us to stop.”

“Now that all these emails have come out, confirming that the party was colluding with the Hillary Clinton campaign, it throws another wrench in it, and makes it  a little bit more sour,” said Amanda McIllmurray, who said she was with the Pennsylvania delegation. She added: “There’s been talk about protests both during Tim Kaine’s acceptance speech, and Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech. I adamantly support people speaking out, using their First Amendment right, and expressing their discontent.”

Of course, it is this possibility of open revolt, and the wider threat of riots and unrest that led to security putting up a fenced wall all around the convention site.

Is this the beginning of the end for a Nixon-like downward spiral for Hillary and her enablers in the Democratic party?

Or will Hillary be catapulted into the White House with the clear knowledge of everyone in the entire country that she is indisputably, and without any doubt, completely and thoroughly corrupt?

Is America ready for its first true dictator?

This article first appeared at Crowds Boo DNC Officials, As Party Revolts Against Hillary: “They’re Angry, They’re Upset”

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