Make Sure You Have Hard Copies of These Documents for Post-Disaster Life Rebuilding

Image: Make sure you have hard copies of these documents for post-disaster life rebuilding

By  – Natural News

(Natural News) You don’t have to be a hardcore prepper to give some thought to the kinds of documents and personal records you’ll need after an widespread emergency.

Once life gets back to normal (or a new normal, in the case of a zombie apocalypse), vital documents will be necessary “to prove who you are and what property is yours, in order to claim it after the fact,” OffTheGrid News points out.

Although a traditional natural disaster and/or a weather event is the most likely scenario, such as the current Oroville Dam crisis in northern California that has prompted a mass evacuation in Butte and Yuba counties.

Health Ranger Mike Adams, the founder of Natural News, has detailed other calamities that might occur such as a widespread power outage caused by an EMP wave or a solar flair, a nuke attack, or a civil insurrection of some kind. [RELATED: Read more about disaster preparedness at]

As a practical matter in these depressing scenarios that hopefully will never occur, OffTheGrid has compiled a list of documents that will likely prove necessary to rebuild your life and that of your family once the dust settles.

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