Is The End Of Obama’s Reign Truly In Sight?

Survivopedia Obama s reign

By  – SurvivoPedia

Ever since Obama took his oath of office and started showing his true colors, a process which can be measured in hours, his presidency has been called “imperial.” This is not to say that he acts like an emperor in any positive way, but that he acts like his word is law, legislating with executive actions and executive orders.

This use of executive orders to circumvent Congress didn’t actually start with Obama; it has been creeping into our government for a number of years.

Many have said that Bush used executive orders in that way to some extent, but it’s truly come to fruition in Obama’s years in office. Obama has made Congress about as useless as an appendix on a colon, with his vetoing of everything Congress does, demanding that they do what he wants, and writing executive orders to circumvent them whenever they don’t do what he wants.

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